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Fuller House Season 3 Now on @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam


Friends, dinner parties and a big bowl of chips being passed around. I can smell the carpet in my friend’s basement and envision the pale green tube television sitting atop a rickety brown square table in the corner of their basement. We’d gather around, sitting cross legged staring at the television getting ready for TGIF. For my younger readers, I can’t exactly articulate the awesomeness that was TGIF. It was a lineup of all of our favourite shows. This of course was in a pre-DVR era where we had to sit through commercials and if we missed an episode, that was it. We had to wait to hear all about it from our friends at school. One of my favourite shows back then and even now, is Full House. Oh the memories it brought back. I grew up with DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler. They were just a touch older than me and I felt a connection that I can’t quite articulate into words. I watched every episode with a reverence. Years later even when re-runs of Full House would come on air, I would get giddy with excitement.


Naturally, when Fuller House premiered a little while back, I was ecstatic. It did not disappoint. It just so happened my kids were right around the same ages as Kimmy and DJ’s kids. Coincidence? I think not. The exciting part was that my kids had already watched EVERY episode of Full House and were just as thrilled as I was about Fuller House. My daughter and I love to cozy up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a big mug of hot chocolate We nuzzle under our giant beige throw and laugh along to with the Gibbler-Tanner family antics. It’s become our go-to ‘girl time.’



The third season of Fuller House was just released on Netflix this past week and as you can expect, we nose dived right into that bad boy. I love the connection I feel with DJ, Kimmy and Stephanie. Their co-parenting styles remind me of my siblings and I when we try to corral our ten kids (all under the age of 12). I especially love how Ms. B and I can both relate to the mother-daughter relationships on the show. It’s a great bonding experience and the perfect way to unwind after a long day. 

Were you a Full House fan or do you prefer Fuller House? If you’re a fellow TGIF lover, then you gotta leave a comment below and let me know what your favourite show was. 

DISCLOSURE: As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I receive some perks. All opinions however are 100% my own.

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  1. I love this show so much! Out of all the sequels ever done, this is the one I waited my ENTIRE life for. It’s so good!

  2. Full House is one of our favorite shows. It was just a super fun show! We haven’t started watching Fuller House yet, but soon we will.

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