Montreal Fashion Week 2013 – Luko Marion show


By: Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed and Suhaila Niazi

Suhaila, Suhaila Niazi, CanadianMomEh, Fariha, Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed, fashion, montrealI had the privilege of attending designer Luko Marion’s show at Montreal Fashion Week 2013. Following the show, Suhaila Niazi, Creative Lead for Al Shakour and I, along with our friend Suzanne made our way backstage to meet with the visionary and designer himself. We had a chance to catch up with Luko and this is what he had to say:

What words would you use to describe your inspiration?

Luko: Army, strong, fragile, sensual, women. 

“Don’t be ashmed to be human and be proud of showing your inner beauty.”

Costume made pieces, the leather molded corset is truly a work of art.


This was one of my first fashion shows. I entered the room and was in awe of the experience. The lights, the music, not an empty seat in the house. When the music started, you could feel the anticipation in the air. All eyes were on the runway. Models came out wearing Luko’s latest collection; an eclectic array of black leather, wool, net. Every outfit felt purposeful, made with an intention. The show was intense. Though the show was short, the collection was impressive. I look forward to seeing more from this artistic visionary.Suhaila, Al Shakour, Suhaila Niazi, Montreal, Montreal Fashion Week 2013, Fashion


It’s rare we get an opportunity to hear one designer describe the work of another. Suhaila Niazi, of Al Shakour, is the winner of the 2012 Cashmere Canada bathroom tissue gown competition. She was nominated for the competition by none other than Luko Marion. The following are her thoughts on the show.

Suhaila Niazi on the fashion show:

Lights camera action !!!
Montreal fashion week 2013.
The show I chose to go to was my good friend and amazing artist Luko Marion.
When the lights went low and rage music started to beat through the air I felt my heart beat faster, I knew I was going to gasp my first breath to the last.
Luko is a strong, honest and artistic individual.
My eyes locked on a few people sitting in the front rows holding up their cell phones awaiting the first piece to come out !!!! And tweet tweet!!!
The collection displayed a story that gave me mixed fee
lings that I can say felt very good , strong, yet humble, intense and fearless. I loved the marriage of leather, wool, metal and mesh. Luko is known for his button details.

Suhaila, Suhaila Niazi, fashion, Montreal Fashion Week 2013, Montreal, glamour, hijab, canadianmomeh
“Fur and fab glasses make everyone feel glamourous…proof is in the prada.” – Suhaila

The made to measure bodice in leather, lined in wool was outstanding.

Luko Marion you are a true artistic visionary. I want a bodice made for me.
Women tend to forget we are who we are. Society wants us to become what they want to see and that my friend is not happening.

This is our vision as artists:)

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  1. Love the article!!! loved the show … it was all about opposites … Soft leather made to stay strong and stiff, the metal bodice softly covering the model was a perfect fit as well as a little intimidating! but oh so beautiful! … great evening for sure!
    thank you for the vision

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