It has been nearly a month since the Quebec shooting that left 6 Muslim men dead and several others injured. I wrote this blog post as a Quebecoise Muslim women who was heartbroken and reeling as a result of this terrorist attack. The past few weeks have been very intense. So much has come of that one blog post. Only a few hours after hitting publish I was contacted by the BBC to share my initial reaction, thoughts, sentiments on the incident. You can listen to that interview here:


The following day was a media storm of interviews, phone calls and appearances. Speaking up as a proud Quebec born Canadian Muslim woman is imperative to me. I cleared that entire week of appointments, meetings and deadlines to the best of my ability. I am so thankful to work with amazing clients who were both compassionate as well as understanding. I devoted my time, energy and thoughts to speaking about the tragedy and what it meant for my Canadian, Quebec and Muslim communities. It is times like these that I am reminded of the strength of each and every single one of our voices. I needed to use my voice to tell the story of my community, from my perspective. I needed to speak up for the thousands who remain silent.

I wrote this op-ed in the Montreal Gazette with an accompanying video in which I share what happened with my children.

It was also published in the Edmonton Journal.

I spoke with Natasha Hall on CJAD.

CBC Homerun


CBC News: The National.

I was also asked to participate on a panel with Al-Jazeera International.

I appeared on Breakfast Television Montreal to speak about how to speak to your child following a tragedy. You can see the segment here.

A week later, BT Montreal followed up with a segment on Radicalization, discussing ways that youth (in this instance white men) get radicalized online.

It has been an emotionally gruelling month. I am still recovering from it. There is so much more I would like to share with you. I was posting updates to my Facebook page as well as to Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to follow each of these networks to stay up to date. Sometimes quick updates on these networks help me connect with you better. In this instance, I’ve been mentally and emotionally drained and it’s taken me far longer to write this post than I would have liked. 

I’ll be sharing some of the wonderful letters I received from readers across the country and around the world expressing their solidarity and condolences. I take the time to read each and every letter I receive and am so thankful for my lovely readers who took the time to write and share their thoughts. Every time we reach out, we touch another person’s life. It’s up to us to choose what kind of impact we will make.

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