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Back to School Basics

I have always harboured a passionate love of nice pens and markers. Growing up I used to use my Paper Mate pens and Sharpie markers at school to doodle beautifully intricate henna designs on my binders and notebooks. I loved to paint my hands with the deep, rich hues of natural henna as a child. It would be reserved however for fancy occasions such as weddings or the two festivals of Eid.

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Doodling allowed me to connect with my South Asian roots and express the individuality I grew up admiring as a child of Pakistani/Indian immigrants. I love the bright hues and intricate patterns on my shalwar kameez or saris (traditional South Asian clothing). I grew up loving to replicate those patterns in the margins of my notebooks, on scrap paper and when I was bored, on my arms or legs. 
I have passed on my love of doodling to my kids. I smile when I see them adorn their own notebooks, cards and binders with intricate doodles of their own. We always have a small container of Sharpie markers and Paper Mate pens in our kitchen drawers. They are great for writing small notes to include in school lunches, wishing them good luck on a test, telling them how much I love them or simply saying sorry when necessary in bright, pretty colours. 
Sharpie permanent markers are also great for labeling containers of leftovers. I love sending my friends or family home with goodies after a dinner party or tea party at my place. I also love my containers. This is why I use Sharpie permanent markers to label my containers that way my loved ones get to enjoy leftovers and I have a good chance of having my container returned to me. The fact that they are fade and water resistant definitely helps.
spreadjoy, sharpie, papermate, canadian blogger, mehndi, henna, art, creativity, desi, canadianmomeh, mandala, sheena ahmed, fariha naqvi-mohamed
Art by Sheena Ahmed using Sharpie markers. Photo credit Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed
Ms. B loves making beautiful cards, colouring bright, bold mandalas and scribbling notes using Sharpie markers and Paper Mate Ink Joy gel pens. It seems like we can never get enough in our home. She takes her pencil case filled with Sharpie and Paper Mate products to her friend’s place and they spend an afternoon colouring giant mandalas together while munching on snacks. These brightly coloured mandalas make great gifts for loved ones.
With back to school around the corner, I love that I can pick up my Sharpie and Paper Mate products from Walmart. They are the go to back to school supplies that my kids beg for.
I have some awesome news to share with you! Enter below for your chance to win a Sharpie and PaperMate Back to School Giveaway which consists of either One (1) Grand Prize of a $250 Walmart gift card and Sharpie & PaperMate Gift Pack ($315 ARV) OR One (1) of three (3) Sharpie & PaperMate Gift Packs ($65 ARV) 

Sharpie and PaperMate Back to School Giveaway

Excuse me now while I go doodle my heart out.
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Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and Sharpie/Paper Mate and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.
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  1. I’ve recently tried the Injoy papermate gel pens and they are super fun to write and doodle with! Sharpie and I go way back!!

  2. Salam Alaikom. I agree much needed!!! Being a single mom,, it’s not easy to buy all supplies for school and bring some to afford these Lil gems. Need to win a prize!!! 💕

  3. Sharpie and Papermate are pretty much only what we use. I’ve never had issues with them and always have been very pleased with the products. I love the array of colours Sharpies now come in.. wasn’t too long ago there weren’t that many!

  4. I would start by labeling all my school supplies, and then I would make sure they were handy for school assignments, and for keeping me organized, and for when I needed a little downtime, and wanted to colour.

  5. I can use them for writing lunch memos to my kids and make creative art doodles. They will also be handy for the kids when it comes to projects

  6. I love Sharpie. I’ve been using their pens and markers for years. They helped me make it through some tough studying in college.

  7. I buy Sharpie everything for the kids. Their pens and markers are super high quality. That’s important when it comes to school.

  8. Sharpies are so good to have around for schoolwork. I still use them a lot! They’re really good for all of my note taking and scheduling.

  9. We use Sharpies all the time! They are the best of all the markers out there in my opinion! I love the design you have on your hands! This is gorgeous!!

  10. I love pretty pens, ans Sharpies have beautiful colors and many different tips to choose from. I have passed on my love of pens to my granddaughter, who loves to draw and doodle with them.

  11. We have a lot of Sharpie and Paper Mate pens in our house. My daughter is a doodle bug, so we always have them on hand!

  12. I love back to school season, we can always find great deals on sharpies! We use them on everything, all year round. Definitely a staple in our house!

  13. Both my girls are really into the adult coloring with gel pens. We just ordered a big box of these, I think they’ll love them!

  14. I am a pen and Sharpie hoarder. With the Back to School deals on right now, it’s totally time to stock up! Love all the color options.

  15. I use Sharpies for all my kids arts and crafts projects and I use Papermate for all my creative kids games! The are a sure go to must have for back to school.

  16. Love all the coloured sharpies…esp the metallics. My kids use them to make home made cards. would love to try the paper mate gel ones…have only used the flairs.

  17. if its permanent markers sharpie is the only one we trust! my daughter loves pens. she always asks for different paper mate pens. Love your hena design! my daughters love to do them for eid!

  18. I would make sure the kids each had there share to keep in their book bags and to have to color and draw with. They are so imaginative and they love surprising gramma with fun things for me to put up on my refrigerator!!!!!!! luv em to pieces….I have 6!!

  19. My daughter and I love Sharpies! She uses them for creative school projects, decorating her binders, & making cards for friends and family. I use them to label the kids belongings & writing on my wall calendar. They are so smooth, fun, and a joy to use!

  20. I am not a creative or artsy person, but I just love using these products and the kids really enjoy it which is the most important

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