Our crêpolicious meal at @CrepeCatherine #MontTremblant #VisitTremblant

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We could not imagine being in Mont Tremblant and NOT visiting one of our absolute favourite restaurants, Crêperie Catherine. It was cold and snowy outside and as we stepped through the foyer, the smell of sweet buttery crêpes filled our nostrils and the warmth from the griddles instantly fogged up my glasses.


I did a happy dance and let out a little squeal when I saw the amazing collage at the door. One of my favourite restaurants is going to be featured on MY FAVOURITE  Food Network show, You Gotta Eat Here this March. I’m not at all surprised to see it will be featured but it definitely gave Crêperie Catherine that extra star in my books.


The first thing we noticed once we were seated at our table, apart from the full house, was the sign indicating that they’re moving. At first my heart skipped a beat. What? No Crêperie in Mont Tremblant? Then I read on and saw that it will be to a much larger location only 8 kilometers away with ample free parking, a large terrace and a take-out counter with ready to go meals.
While my family members each knew which crêpe they wanted to order, I could not stop thinking about their Greek salad that rivals most Greek restaurants I’ve been to. I’m not sure what does it more, the crumbled feta over top or the tangy yet not too tart house vinaigrette. One look at the menu convinced me that naturally, I had to pair it with an order of cheesy garlic bread (for the family to share of course).
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I’ve said it before, we are huge fans of seafood. I love how there’s ample selection for everyone to choose from and an entire design your own menu. We ordered one crêpe that literally was blanketed in a sheet of freshly smoked salmon topped with  onions, capers and a lemon wedge. The creamy béchamel sauce oozed out from inside the soft folds of buttery crêpe.
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The little man ordered a cheddar and spinach crêpe which came in a neat little carry to go packet ideal for little hands to eat without a fork and knife. They don’t skimp on anything so you can taste the cheese and spinach in every single bite.


Of course, Ms. B announced on our way to the crêperie that she was DEFINITELY going to have the seafood crêpe. Remember that one from our last visit?  She did, and her excitement was palpable when it arrived at our table!  In fact, this is what she had to say about our visit:

I did a double take when I noticed that the person behind the counter making our crêpes was none other than Catherine, the owner herself. Nothing like having the restaurant owner prepare your food to make you feel a little ooh-la-la. Naturally I had to get a picture.
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We got to chatting and like catching up with an old friend, Catherine assured us of the wonderful things to expect from the new location next winter; additional menu items, a to-go counter, merchandise, free ample parking and so much more. Mont Tremblant will definitely not be the same without the Crêperie, but for us loyal customers, it will only be a short drive away.


DISCLOSURE: Our meal was sponsored for the purpose of this review and as always, all view are 100% my own.

7 thoughts on “Our crêpolicious meal at @CrepeCatherine #MontTremblant #VisitTremblant

  1. 1

    Crêperie Catherine looks like it has some great yummies!!! YUM!! I may just take a trip up to Mont Tremblay just to try it out! Yum!

  2. 2

    Mmmm, I love crepes. I’m especially a sucker for sweet ones. :D

  3. 3

    I think I watched Creperie Catherine on you gotta eat here!! Love that show!! Those crepes look so good!!

  4. 4

    I’ve eaten there and yes, it is amazing! Love their crepes :) Great photos – sounds like an amazing trip.

  5. 6

    Mmmm this whole post has my mouth watering, LOL. It has been a long while since I have had crepes in Quebec and now I miss them terribly. Thanks for the food porn Fariha :-)

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