It was a Tuesday afternoon at the beginning of April 2014. I had been hospitalized with serious health issues for the previous eight days. I had been given a new dose of medication and sent home for a few days until the first of several medical procedures to come. I was excited to be heading home unexpectedly to see my family after several days apart. As my dad drove me home I started feeling a little shortness of breath but figured it was just from the excitement of going home and seeing my family whom I missed dearly. As the afternoon progressed my shortness of breath grew more noticeable, as did my fatigue.

We Day is an event unlike any other. We Day honours, engages and empowers youth to work to be change-makers. It is a one of kind concert for youth where a ticket cannot be bought, it has to be earned. In order to qualify to attend We Day children need to support one local cause and one international cause. The events are free for children to attend thanks to National Co-Title Sponsors RBC and Telus.

What you are about to read is going to blow…your…mind. It’s a never seen before giveaway of EPIC proportions, particularly if you are of the hockey loving persuasion, love watching the Habs play the Leafs and want to know how to use Rogers Game Centre Live.

It’s no secret that I love hockey. It’s also no secret that I like to trash talk hockey on Twitter. Don’t believe me? You may want to give me a follow and come tweet my way when the Habs are playing. It will be on like donkey kong. #GoHabsGo

I’m excited to share that for the month of April, I am proud to be a Shoppers Drug Mart #GettheMostOutofLife blogger! What does that mean for you? It means that I’ll be sharing some awesome articles and contests from Shoppers Drug Mart on our social channels. Shoppers will be hosting a contest for the entire month and choosing a new winner every 3 days to receive a Life Brand prize pack! Be sure to check them out and share them with your friends. You could win some wonderful prizes. 

When it comes to desserts, there are few words that illicit such an immediate, mouth watering response as Nutella and cheesecake. It is the coming together of two sinfully sweet, decadent and luscious worlds and the creation of a flavour combination that will make you beg the question: Oh Nutella cheesecake recipe…where were you all my life?

There are few things as Quebecoise as la cabane à sucre in the spring. The crunch of snow beneath our boots as we walk through the woods, the familiar scent of firewood burning, horse drawn carriages trotting in the snow and the distant melody of live music playing in the dining hall. There’s nothing quite like la cabane à sucre in the spring in Quebec.

It’s no secret that planning the ultimate vacation requires a bit (or a lot) of planning. Years ago that might have looked like notepads, magazines and lots of sticky notes. Now, the options are endless. You can start planning the ultimate vacation months or days in advance using social media. I’m going to show you how.
I like big cars and I will not lie. It’s a truth that I don’t deny. I love a nice high ride in an SUV, its curb appeal, elevated vantage point and the feeling of authority as I peer out at the cars beside me on the road. The pinch at the pump? Not so much. At the same time, I also enjoy the nimble handling of a compact car. These two worlds have collided with the 2015 Chevrolet Trax. This unique crossover gives you the perks of an SUV with the ease of handling and fuel efficiency of a compact car. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Did you know that March is fraud prevention month? Many of us spend a lot of time online and as technology evolves, so do some of the scams that criminals use to commit fraud. I recently attended a press dinner with INTERAC in order to learn more about Fraud Prevention Month. Thankfully I learnt some wonderful tips to protect yourself from fraud.

Some of my favourite childhood memories involved being curled up with a book behind my parent’s formal living room arm chair. I’d sneak away with a good book and a blankie for hours at a time. My parents knew where to look when it came time to pry me out. I cannot imagine a childhood without books but the truth is that more than 29 million children across North America live in low-income households. Most have limited access to age-appropriate books at home and attend schools with classrooms and programs that are often under-resourced. Kumon Canada is a national organization with math and reading centers.
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