One of our favourite ways to unwind as a family and gear up for the week ahead (during winter) is with family skating. We love to load up the trunk with our skates and helmets, head to the local rink and feel like we’re floating on ice. What does your family do to unwind?

There is no shortage of business gurus, experts and advisors out there. Though sometimes we may have to chop through the thickets to spot a good one, finding the right one for you can be priceless. Anyone who wants to learn about owning and operating a business can do so with some experienced advice.  As a business owner, entrepreneur and mom, the demands on my time are unique.

We’ve all been there. Out on the road, running errands, picking kid A up from this practice, getting kid B from that playdate, then it hits. What’s for supper? That thought that crosses every parent’s mind and is met with a mild panic attack while you calculate the following formula (food in fridge) x (ingredients in fridge) divided by total amount of energy you have. This mathematical formula all too often leads to a begrudging decision that despite wanting a healthier food option you’ll probably end up picking up dinner. What if I were to tell you there IS a healthier option that you can pick up? 

We’re excited to share the first in a series of Google Hangouts on the CanadianMomEh YouTube channel, part of the #CanadianMomEhChat. I interviewed the ever talented Valerie Curro Khayat, a media literacy advocate, yogini, poet and musician over at Quietivity. You can view the interview below. 

Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches life throws your way. This #WordlessWednesday I am thankful for kids who never let me have a dull moment.

The holidays are around the corner and whether or not you’ll be celebrating Christmas (we don’t at our house), you will not want to miss the amazing deals available in stores. The way I see it, if you don’t take advantage of the things you already use or need when they go on sale, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice (you can just guess how much my husband loves hearing that one)!

It’s no secret that I love hockey. If you follow me on Twitter, this won’t exactly come as a shock to you, especially if the Habs are playing. The reason for my love of hockey is not as much about the game itself as it is about what it does.

Today we remember. We remember our fallen soldiers and we remember each and every one of their sacrifices at home and abroad. This Remembrance Day is a little different, a little more real, a little closer to home given the October 22nd Ottawa Shooting in which Corporal Nathan Cirillo died and the killing of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in Quebec two days earlier.

I am SO excited to share some wonderfully amazing news with you all. I’m proud to announce that I have been selected as the official 2015 Ambassador for Chevrolet Canada. It is a brand that I admire and respect greatly for their commitment not only to great vehicles but supporting diversity in its many forms. 

By Jennell Dukovac, CanadianMomEh

With all the pumpkin recipes this time of year, I thought I would do something different; creamy pumpkin soup. I had never heard of it until two years ago when I was blessed with a bounty of pumpkins.

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